Course #3 - Radical Evangelism to Muslims - Course Book - Dr. Jay Smith

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COURSEBOOK - 300 pages

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The events of September 11, 2001 changed world history. They also changed the dynamic between the world’s two largest competing religious world views: Christianity and Islam. In the weeks and months following the attacks in the United States on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Islam experienced its largest period of growth in history and this religion, once obscure to Western minds, became something of a curiosity. Many in the U.S. and elsewhere began asking questions: What is Islam? What does it teach? What attracts people to Islam? Is Islam simply another version or flavor of the other two monotheistic faiths, Judaism and Christianity? Among those in the church, the questions took on a more somber tone: How do we answer the arguments against Christian beliefs raised by Islam? How can we reach Muslims with the Gospel message? How can I move beyond the fear of talking with a Muslim? What can I say to a Muslim to expose Islam for the lie that it is?

This class aims to provide the tools necessary to answer all these questions and more.

Course Objectives

Upon the completion of the course the student will be able to
1. Articulate the five pillars of Islam and describe their significance to a Muslims.
2. Describe each of the six major beliefs in Islam and demonstrate how each influences the worldview of Muslims.
3. Provide a reasonable and winning apologetic of important Christian doctrines while also offering a logical, loving, and sound critique of such Islamic concepts as
Inimitability of the Qur’an Prophethood of Muhammad Khilafah

4. Become familiar with what practical approaches work or do not work in Muslim evangelism and how to form one’s own personal evangelism method.
5. Discuss the different methodologies employed by missionaries who deploy to foreign nations as Muslim evangelists and the benefits or risks of each.

6. Effectively share the gospel with a Muslim by using stories common to both the Bible and Qur’an as a starting point for a dialog that can lead to a discussion about sin, salvation, and Jesus.


Jay Smith,  Samuel Zwemer, Various 


Jay Smith Bio

An MK born in India, Jay is a missionary with Brethren In Christ, but is best known as perhaps the premier debater of Muslim apologists. Jay is respected for his incisive critique of Islam whether delivered from a ladder at Speaker’s Corner or from a lectern at a University. Jay has traveled extensively and is invited to speak on college campuses, training missionaries, churches, radio and television.

Jay Earned his M.Div from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary. his Th.M in Missiology from Fuller Theological Seminary and is currently a Ph.D Candidate at the Bible College of Victoria, Australia

Jay is considered to be one of the top Christian apologists to Muslims in the world and has been involved in over 80 formal debates wi Muslims and Scholars

He is the leader of the national branch of i2 Ministries, England. He conducts conferences with i2 Ministries around the world to introduce the Mission Muslim World University Training program to national movements

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