The Strategy of New Testament Missions - Video Course - Prof. Mike Shipman

The Strategy of New Testament Missions - Video Course - Prof. Mike Shipman

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Mike Shipman


After years of relatively fruitless ministry in a “resistant” Muslim land, Mike Shipman and his team developed a strategy of New Testament Missions based on the post-Pentecost pattern demonstrated in the book of Acts.

As a result, they found the formerly “resistant” people among whom they had been working to actually be highly receptive. Mike describes the fruit years later:

A massive harvest of Muslims have professed faith in Jesus Christ as the Holy Spirit led us to implement this biblical pattern. We are seeing believers and churches reproduce in multiplying generations. Of the more than 450 churches that have formed among our people group, one-third of them are the fourth generation and beyond. We give Jesus the Glory for leading us in a simple and effective way to present the gospel to Muslims. The power is in the gospel, not the method.  

We are doing today what very few people dreamed could be done among Muslims — sharing the gospel in the first conversation and often hearing them say, “Thank you.” And this is taking place in the homeland of a Muslim people previously considered “resistant” to the Gospel!

1. Introduction to Great Commission Fulfilment 
2. Foundations of Missions Hermeneutics
3. The Upper Room Discourse as Predictive Missions
4. 1-2-3 Obey the Great Commission
5. The Post Pentecost Missions Pattern
6. Three Phases of Missionary Involvement
7. Three Locks and Two Keys for Successful Missions
8. Great Commission Essentials - Evangelism
9. Church Formation and Discipleship Part 1
10. Church Formation and Discipleship Part 2
11. Leadership Development through the Five-Fold Ministry
12. Strategy for a Leadership Development Structure
13. Overcoming the Be-Stings that Poison Evangelism
14.  Any3 Demonstration
15. Any3 Evangelism Characteristics
16. Applying Any3 Evangelism
17. The Acts Baptismal Pattern
18. Following Up After Evangelism