Women in Islam - Video Course - Dr. Elsie Maxwell

Women in Islam - Video Course - Dr. Elsie Maxwell

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Dr. Elsie Maxwell


SESSIONS IN THIS COURSE - 9 Hours of Video Teaching

SESSION 1 Introduction / Women in the Culture of the Quran

SESSION 2 Key Women in the Quran / Women in the Hadith

SESSION 3 Women in the Sharia / The Woman as a Spiritual Person

SESSION 4 Being Born a Girl in the Middle East / Women in Sufism

SESSION 5 Women in Folk Islam / Communicating the Gospel

SESSION 6  The Gospel Through Story / The Gospel Through Story - Oral Learners

SESSION 7  The Gospel Through Story - Self Perceptions / Stories of Conversion

SESSION 8  The Role of the Discipler / The Life of Jesus as Expressed in the Quran

SESSION 9  The Life of Jesus as Expressed in the Quran - Part 2

                 The Care of the Worker Among Muslims


Women in Islam

In this presentation, Prof. Elsie Maxwell teaches from the overflow of her many decades worth of experience living and working in the Middle East and among Muslims in Europe.  Using a scholarly look at the roots of Islam, it’s development over the centuries, especially in regard to it’s view of women, and with many personal stories, Elsie challenges us to see Muslim women and their many facets so that we can effectively present Christ to them.


Prof. Elsie Maxwell

Elsie Maxwell has extensive experience in the world of Islam. She has been with Arab World Ministries since 1958 and has worked for 27 years in Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco. Since 1984 she has been working amongst Arabs in London while teaching Islamic courses at the London Bible College. Elsie meets and shares her faith with Arabic-speaking Muslim women and disciples young believers. A major part of her ministry is teaching, writing and training others for Muslim ministries.