Behind the Veil of Islam - Video Course - Prof. Beth Grove

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Professor Beth Grove


In this presentation, Beth Grove presents a comprehensive look at the historical situation of women in relation to Islam.  The course explores Mohammad's relationship with women, including his many wives.  The course also looks at the current Islamic views of women from both traditional and modern perspectives.  Finally, Beth will share her personal experiences ministering to Muslim women.  Through this course, we will take a look behind the veil of Islam. 



  1. Introduction to Women in Islam
  2. The Value of Women in Islam vs. Christianity
  3. Overview of Qur'anic References to Women
  4. Overview of Islamic Claims About Women
  5. Marriage in Islam: Muhammad's Example
  6. Marriage in Islam: Muhammad's Example Part 2
  7. Overview of Islamic Sources on Women
  8. Islamic Marriage Issues: Muta and Misyar
  9. Biblical Response to Islamic Problems
  10. Biblical Theology of Women
  11. Biblical View of Marriage vs. Islamic View
  12. Biblical View of Intimacy and Gender
  13. Biblical vs. Qur'anic References to Women
  14. New Testament Biblical Examples
  15. Islamic Tactics to Attack the Bible
  16. Islamic Tactics to Attack the Bible II
  17. Arguments Against the Christian Faith
  18. How to Ask Polemical Questions to Muslims
  19. Polemical Questions Regarding the Hadith
  20. Challenge Islam and Love Muslims

Professor Beth Grove

Born and raised on the mission field, Beth has lived among Mulsim immigrant communities in London for 20 years, enjoying friendship and dialogue with close Muslim friends from many nations.  After traveling through Muslim countries, she obtained a Master's degree in Islamics and in one of the co-founders of the Pfander Centre for Apologetics, which is a research think-tank and teaching ministry to equip Christians worldwide to engage Islam with confident Christianity.