Jihad, Martyrdom, Shi'ism, and Muslim Apocalyptic - Video Course - Dr. David Cook

Jihad, Martyrdom, Shi'ism, and Muslim Apocalyptic - Video Course - Dr. David Cook

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Dr. David Cook 

SESSIONS IN THIS COURSE - 10 Hours of Video Teaching

Session 1 Classical Jihad to the Present

Session 2 Classical Jihad in the Hadith

Session 3 Conquest and the Formation of Jihad Theory

Session 4 Radicalism Resulting from Modern Islam

Session 5 Islamic Martyrdom

Session 6 Shi’ism

Session 7 Shi’ite Martyrdom

Session 8 Contemporary Martyrdom and Suicide Attacks

Session 9 Islamic Apocalyptic

Session 10 Shi’ite Apocalyptic

Session 11  Shi’ite Apocalyptic Distinctions

Session 12  Contemporary Muslim Apocalyptic


Jihad, Martyrdom, Shi'ism, and Muslim Apocalyptic

In this course, Prof. David Cook presents a scholarly look at the history and development of Jihad theory and practice from the earliest Islamic roots into modern-day Jihad.  Prof. Cook provides an honest and direct look at how culture, politic, and religion come together and change over time.  Prof. Cook also looks at Radical thought development and Shiite distinctives.


Prof.  David Cook

David Cook's interests include the study of early Islam, Muslim apocalyptic literature and movements for radical social change, dreams, historical astronomy, Judeo-Arabic literature and West African Islam.

His most recent books are Understanding Jihad and Contemporary Muslim Apocalyptic Literature. He is currently working on a book on the theme of Islamic martyrdom for Cambridge University Press, and has published on the subject of martyrdom operations.

In the future, Cook intends to work on the understudied subject of West African Islam, focusing on the vast Arabic literature of sub-Saharan Africa (especially in Nigeria). Other future projects include finishing the trilogy of apocalyptic works (Studies in Muslim Apocalyptic, on classical apocalyptic beliefs; and Contemporary Muslim Apocalyptic Literature being the first two in the series) with a work on the apocalyptic and millenarian foundations of Muslim civilizations. Hopefully this will be the beginning of the serious study of the role which apocalyptic and radical social movements have played in Islamic history.