MMWU Online Certificate Program Application Fee

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Apply to enroll in the MMWU Certificate Program: Ministry to Muslims and Islamic Studies 

(Pay the $25 application fee and download the school application to begin the process of enrolling in MMWU) 

MMWU is a one year self paced online school with personal student teacher interaction. 

“I don’t know if there is a more strategic ministry involved now, in our world, than i2 Ministries to reach the Muslims, to find a bridge, and to communicate to them. It is one of those hinges I think that will determine the future of the world.”

- Ravi Zacharias, President, RZIM Ministries


You'll be personally mentored and trained through the first 4 courses of the MMWU online training School.

Course 1. Islam's Issues, Agendas, and the Great Commission - Dr. Joshua Lingel

Course 2. Christian Apologetics to Islam - Dr. Joshua Lingel

Course 3. Radical Evangelism to Muslims - Dr. Jay Smith

Course 4. Christian and Islamic Theological Issues - Dr. Sassan Tavassoli 

As part of your tuition we will send you the 4 Course books that go with these courses

We will take you through 3 electives to complete a total of 7 Courses: 

Choose 3 courses based on your  emphasis choice: (or any 3 you choose) We will do a phone interview to help build a personalized curriculum for you. 

Church Planting/Discipleship
Muslim Evangelism and Discipleship - Video Course - Georges Houssney
Freedom from Spiritual Agreements in Islam - Video Course - Dr. Mark Durie
Black Muslims in America and the Nation of Islam - Video Course -Dr. Carl Ellis Folk Islam in Africa - Video Course - Tony Weedor
Women in Islam - Video Course - Dr. Elsie Maxwell
The Messenger, The Message, and the Community - Dr. Roland Muller 
Theology of the Old Testament - Dr. David Talley

 Islamic Eschatology 
Islam Plans to Change the World - Video Course- Dr. WiIliam Wagner
Jihad, Martyrdom, Shi'ism, and Muslim Apocalyptic - Video Course - Dr. David Cook
The Islamic Antichrist - Examining Islam's Role in the End Times -Video Course - Joel Richardson

The curriculum will require about 12-15 months to complete. 

The curriculum is self paced and you will have a max of 13 months from your enrollment date to finish the program. Here is what you can expect: 

1. Watch the professional studio produced video training

2. Submit written assignments designed to help you process and pray through what you learned.  

3. Do assigned readings from various scholars pertaining to subjects covered in the course and submit short written assignments on the readings. 

4. Share the Gospel with 35 Muslims and turn in evangelism reports.  

5. Participate in Live interactive online discussion times with the MMWU Staff and other fellow students. 

6. Read and index the whole Quran

7. Read and do practical assignments on earliest biography of Muhammad: The Life of Muhammad by Alfred Guillaume

8.  Spend time in Prayer every day and Start a Prayer meeting. 

9.  Train a small group through the MMWU orientation course. 

10.  Build tracts to hand out. 

11. Read other essential books that Dr. Joshua Lingel deems necessary for the development of Leaders. 

12.  You'll also develop a discipleship model that you will walk through yourself.  You'll write down all the individual commands of Jesus and do all of them once and journal and write down your experience.  This will be a model of walking a new Muslim convert out of Islam and into a disciple of Christ. 

13. You'll have the chance to maintain a B average and pass the final exam and then you'll become a MMWU Certified Trainer where you can earn money to train others through the program yourself. 

MMWU is a one year training school consisting of 7 courses.  Its our desire to make the best training accessible for the global church so students can enroll at any time.  The MMWU Staff will build a recommended self paced schedule for each student.  The program will take about 12 months to complete and must be finished in 15 months.   The MMWU Certified trainers will grade your papers and correspond with you as you work through the curriculum. The live Interactive online discussions will be scheduled once a month or as needed.   You'll need to invest an average of about 15-20 hours a week to the school to finish the school within the allottted time.  


At checkout you'll receive a link to download the School application.  You must read through the entire application and follow all the steps and mail in your application to apply for enrollment in MMWU.  Once you are accepted into the school you'll pay the one time tuition fee of $950.  Once you begin training you'll have 15 months to complete the program. 

if you have more questions about enrollment please email