Historical Critique of Islam - Video Course - Dr. Jay Smith

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Dr. Jay Smith


1.  Qira'at Qur'ans - Introduction
2. Qira'at Qur'ans - Modern Muslim Perspectives
3. Qira'at Qur'ans - Islamic Sources
4. Qira'at Qur'ans - Two Compilations 
5. Qira'at Qur'ans - Conundrum Part 1 
6. Qira'at Qur'ans - Conundrum Part 2
7. Qira'at Qur'ans - Historical Overview
8. Qira'at Qur'ans - Formation 
9. Qira'at Qur'ans - Rawis 
10. Qira'at Qur'ans - Variants 
11. Qira'at Qur'ans - Hafs and Warsh 
12. Qira'at Qur'ans - The 1924 Text
13. Qira'at Qur'ans - Why the Hafs Text? 
14. Textual Criticism of the Qur'an - Introduction
15. Textual Criticism of the Qur'an - Original Manuscripts? 
16. Textual Criticism of the Qur'an - Consonantal Variants 
17. Origins of Islam - Introduction 
18. Origins of Islam - Sources 
19. Origins of Islam - Revisionists 
20. 7th Century Origins - Mecca, Trade Routes, & Quiblas 
21. 7th Century Origins - Debunking Muhammad 
22. Islam's Origins - The Qur'an 
23. Islam's Origins - Conclusions 

Dr. Jay Smith and his wife Judy have served as full-time missionaries to the Muslim world for more than 35 years. Together, they have worked to evangelize among Muslims in England, France, and Senegal. Jay founded the Pfander Centre for Apologetics — an organization engaging Islam through research, writing and formal debates — ministering among the more radical Muslims of London and lecturing around the world.

Jay earned his bachelor’s degree from Messiah College, his master of divinity from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (now Palmer Seminary), and his master of theology in missiology, with an emphasis in Islam, from Fuller Theological Seminary. He recently completed his doctoral dissertation at the Melbourne School of Theology on the life and work of Carl Pfander, Ph.D., a German missionary and apologist/polemicist who worked with Muslims in Central Asia and India and pioneered the use of apologetics and polemics with Muslims.

Since 1995 Jay has participated in more than 80 formal debates with distinguished Muslim scholars, statesmen, and apologists. Jay currently teaches apologetics and polemics for those exploring ministry in the Muslim world. He works primarily with i2 Ministries and other organizations focused on Islam, both academic and professional.