Islam Plans to Change the World - Video Course- Dr. WiIliam Wagner

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Dr. William Wagner


SESSIONS IN THIS COURSE - 8 Hours of Video Teaching

SESSION 1 Islam’s Plans to Change the World

SESSION 2 Islam’s Plans to Change the World through Dawa

SESSION 3 Islam’s Plans to Change the World through Jihad

SESSION 4 Islam’s Plans to Change the World through the Mosque

SESSION 5 Truth and Fear in Islam

SESSION 6 Power Encounters with Islam

SESSION 7 Intimidation and Persecution in Islam

SESSION 8 Islam’s Global Paradigm Shift

SESSION 9 Eschatology and Evangelism in Islam


Islam’s Plans to Change the World

In this 8 hour course, Prof. William Wagner presents his study regarding the growth of Islam in modern times.  His study, which resulted in a book with the same title, presents the reality that Islam has more plans than to just win people to their religion.  Join Prof. Wagner on a discussion to consider what we as Christians can do to understand and change these plans.


Professor William Wagner

Prof. William Wagner is currently the Co-President of the Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies at Olivet University in San Francisco, CA.  Previously he has served as a professor at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, as well as positions of leadership in the Southern Baptist Convention including that of Vice President.  Before serving in these positions of leadership, he served as a missionary for more than thirty years with the International Mission Board of the SBC.  During that time he chaired the Muslim Awareness Committee of the European Baptist Federation.  The has a Master's of Divinity from Southern Baptist Seminary, a Th.D. from the University of South Africa, and a Doctor of Missiology from Fuller Theological Seminary.