The Messenger, The Message, and the Community - Video Course - Prof. Roland Muller

The Messenger, The Message, and the Community - Video Course - Prof. Roland Muller

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Roland Muller

The Messenger, The Message, The Community

9 Sessions:

1.  The Messenger:  Five Styles of Evangelism

2.  The Messenger:  Sharing with Muslims

3.  The Message:  Worldviews of Fear and Guilt

4.  The Message:  Shame Based Worldviews

5.  The Message:  Islam and Shame Based Worldview

6.  The Message:  Three-Fold Message of Salvation

7.  The Community:  Biblical Basis of Christian Community

8.  The Community:  Helping Muslims Change Communities

9.  The Community:  Wrap Up

Evangelical church planters face three challenges. First, they must be accepted by their target audience as viable messengers. Second, their message must be understandable to the worldview of their listeners. Third, the community they are forming must be a valid form of community for their audience. Roland Muller does a masterful job of bringing these three challenges together in one book addressing western, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist audiences. Roland Muller speaks as a practitioner to practitioners, illustrating his points with examples drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds. Discover new perspectives on how God wants to rejuvenate your ministry.

Roland Muller is a cross-cultural church planter with WEC International.  Over the last thirty years his ministry has taken him into most Middle Eastern Countries and has allowed him to minister to a wide variety of people; from the palaces of wealthy oil sheiks to humble bedouin tents, from bustling cities to rural villages.  He is the author of a dozen books including tools for Muslim Evangelism, Honor and Shame Unlocking the door, and The Message, the Messenger and the Community.  He currently teaches cross-cultural church ministry skills in Canada and as a worldwide speaking and mentoring ministry.